NOTE: The Anglican Parish of St. Philips is now set up to receive E-transfers of donations.  To send an E-transfer at any time, you can set up the Anglican Parish of St, Philips as a payee on your internet banking profile.  Please use the Parish’s email address which is stphilipsanglicanchurch@nf.aibn.com and choose Notify by Email.  If you have an Envelope Number, please include it in the Message field.  This will assist us in recording your donation to your Envelope Number for donation receipting purposes.  If you don’t have an Envelope Number, please include your full mailing address so we can mail you a tax receipt. 

The Christmas Eve services for Friday, December 24th will be held at 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. We are still in a pandemic and will be guided by whatever the public health guidelines are at that time.

Christmas Tree of Remembrance

Our annual Christmas Tree of Remembrance will be held on Wednesday, December 15th at 7:00 pm. The outside Christmas tree will be lit up in memory of loved ones. Anyone wanting to have names added to the list please download a copy of the form from the website or pickup one at church. The form can be returned with your donation to the church no later than Sunday, December 12th. On December 15th we will gather around the tree, Rev. Randy will read the names of loved ones in whose memory the tree will be lit, a prayer will be said and the tree will be lit up and will remain lit until the end of Christmas. If public health guidelines permit we will then gather in the Canon EB Cheeseman Parish Centre for hot chocolate and timbits and some Christmas carols.

Our parish website can be accessed now through a QR Code (Quick Response Code). By scanning the code with your cell phone, tablet or some other compatible device you will immediately be taken to the parish website. We are also in the process of updating our website so it can be current. Here is the QR Code:

QR Code.png

ACM takeout Jiggs dinner will be held on Saturday, October 23rd. We had hoped this year to make it a sit-down meal as part of our larger Harvest Thanksgiving, however, because we are still in a pandemic with many regulations around gathering and serving food, we decided to make it a takeout dinner. Tickets can be purchased from ACM members or from the parish office. The cost is $20.00 per plate and must be purchased no later than Thursday, October 21st. Dinners will be ready for pickup at 5:00 pm on the 23rd.

ACW fundraiser this Fall is selling tickets on a very large Christmas stocking that will be drawn for just before Christmas. Again, because of pandemic restrictions they are limited as to what they can do for fundraisers, so we ask for your generous support by purchasing tickets. Whoever wins the stocking will have a very big Christmas stocking filled with all kinds of items including gift cards, gift certificates, and so much more.

Dawn Cheeseman will be selling Christmas cards with the picture of St. Philip’s church on them later. This is a fundraiser Dawn is doing on behalf of the ACW. She is in the process of designing the card and having them printed right now but they will soon be available for purchase. When they become available we will let everyone know.

The Ballicatter After-school program still has openings for children that need this service. The pandemic has made it difficult for them to keep their numbers up, especially when so many parents were working from home. This program has been a tremendous benefit to our parish budget bringing in $20,000 annually in rent. Please, if you know of any parents needing afterschool care for their children tell them about this great program we have right here in our parish centre.





Thank you for visiting our Web Page. We extend a very warm welcome to all our visitors.

Our Web Page will be updated on a weekly basis. It will give information about our worship services, about other parish related events, and other general information about our Parish and its ministry.

We are excited about our Web Page, we hope it will serve our church and community well, and we recommend its use to our parishioners and to any others who wish to use it.

We give thanks to all who have helped out with this project and especially to our Anglican Church Women who has provided financing to get our web page started and also for their offer to provide the annual costs to maintain it.

Anglican Parish of St. Philip Sunday Services


8:30 AM – Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

10:30 AM – Holy Eucharist- (Book of Alternative Services)

If you want to rent St. Philip’s Anglican Church Parish Centre in the future, please do the bookings through the following people – Janice and Donna Spurrell.

They can be contacted by calling the following numbers:

895–3581 or  725–1057 or 725–0163.

  • Birthday Parties/ Babies Showers,etc.  $75.00

  • Adult Parties with Supper or dance/ weddings – $150.00

  • Use of Kitchen – $50.00 extra

St. Philip’s Anglican Cemetery

St. Philip’s Anglican cemetery has a history going back as far as the earliest settlers in the community. Vestry is in the process of exploring the possibility of telling the story of the cemetery, including the old church which once stood there, on a story-board. This board will also include a QR Code which can be scanned to take you to the parish website where even more information can be found.